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Business Presentation

Cal Al-Dhubaib, President

“HCS has done an incredible job turning out leadership team around. We're cutting out the noise, having healthier conversations, and achieving our goals at a faster clip. It's been great to have him as a sounding board not just for me, but also for my most senior team members.”


Janalee Silvey, Managing Director

“After looking into other EOS Implementors and finding them to be out of reach for our smaller team budget, I was so fortunate to get a referral to Hudson Consulting Services through their involvement with the program at Lakeland College.  Hudson Consulting Services took on our account, and immediately began making an impact.  They did an excellent job re-familiarizing our team with the EOS process, making sure we were all in alignment before beginning the regular Level 10s, quarterly’s, etc.  They also provides us with sales and individual coaching, all in just the perfect measure to meet our needs and ensure we’re moving forward together as a stronger team.  They have helped us create a closer, more focused team, able to accomplish much more of our higher priority actions than ever before!”


Dave Moore, President

“HCS has been a welcomed addition to our team as our fractional EOS integrator.  This process has been beneficial to the company by increasing clarity, structure, organization, and accountability throughout the business. Hudson Consulting Services facilitation during the  recurring meetings has been very helpful in the achievement  of our  goals and objectives.”  Their professional yet likable personality has been a great cultural fit as well.  I would highly recommend Hudson Consulting Services.”

Business Meeting

Brad Pietrafese, Owner

”We are a small home grown service company that from inception we have instilled hard work, persistence, and great customer service. We never took time to establish who we are, why we do what we do, and who our target market was. We just worked. No business development, no strategic management, and no accountability. We hit a  Plateau with revenue and I then knew what got us to this point would get us where I wanted the company at to be. I needed help seeing the vision, developing a core group (management team), instilling systems, and of course accountability of our workforce.  

I was introduced to Kevin about a year and a half ago and since then we have worked from the ground up implementing the EOS system. From where we were when we started to where we are now, is night and day! 

We are still in the early parts in establishing the EOS system and developing the necessary items in order to put the company on track for success! The things that we have established are as follows, the accountability chart, management team, weekly accountability meetings, quarterly rocks, hiring process and company positions with skills and  responsibilities, we have established our core values, our core focus and why we do what we do. 


These items have helped us have an idea as to where we want to go versus where we can go. Kevin has been a tremendous help on keeping my eye on the big picture and holding our management team accountable for what the company needs. We now have goals, vision, systems for “our way”, and will continue to work with Kevin because this process is extremely valuable to the growth of the company! Put simply, Kevin has the patience, dedication, attention to detail, knowledge and persistence we are all need as business owners to see the light at the end of the tunnel!”

JA Final Logo-01.png

Jennifer Malcolm, President

"I have witnessed Kevin as he has helped Jennasis & Associates with the implementation of EOS . This process has been beneficial to the company by increasing clarity, organization, structure, and accountability throughout the business. Kevin served as an EOS fractional integrator in facilitating recurring meetings with leadership teams towards execution of goals and objectives. I think you might benefit from a conversation."

John Hannon, President

“We have worked with Hudson Consulting Services for several years, and enthusiastically recommend their services. As a fractional EOS integrator, Hudson Consulting Services is not heavy handed, yet they are definitely focused and results-driven. For our organization it has been the perfect way to successfully implement EOS. We have buy-in throughout our company thanks to HCS's approach.”

Working Together on Project

Vann Robins, President

EOS has been a transformative process for our organization.  We’ve made such strides since our implementation began.  Hudson Consulting Services has been instrumental in the strategic planning, development, and process that has touched virtually every aspect of our company.  Their patience, emotional intelligence, integrity, and diligence make it work.  We’re grateful to have them on the team.

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